Mini Pendant Lights

Having trouble finding the perfect lighting solution for your next interior design project? Coming across the same old products at other retailers who can’t seem to understand the need for variety? Stop there, because Amonson Lighting is sure to have exactly what you’re looking for...Read More

Amonson Lighting carries a huge variety of lighting solutions for your every need. So whether your goal is to furnish an industrial kitchen with powerful lighting or to accessorise your office desk with a unique lamp you won’t find anywhere else, we’ve got exactly what you need at the best prices on the market. What’s better than a site that’s easy to navigate that carries a variety of top quality original products? Come and see what the fuss is all about at Amonson Lighting today!

Amonson Lighting offers customers a wide variety of options catering to every taste, style and budget. Our spectrum of outdoor and indoor lighting solutions is unrivalled in the industry, and our customer loyalty proves that very point. We offer lighting fixtures and solutions for modern, industrial, retro, wood, designer and eco-friendly requirements.

Our products include ceiling lights, industrial chandeliers, table and desk lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces and, our most popular of all, pendant lights. Our mini pendant lights and standard pendant lights are truly one-of-a-kind in the lighting industry, especially considering the other options that are available on the market. We carry concrete, copper, glass, modern, industrial pendant lights and a variety of mini pendant lights for all sorts of purposes; the choice is up to you!

And, if you prefer, we also have LED options. Our goal is to offer a wide variety of options to our customers that are also environmentally friendly, and we have achieved just that. Moreover, you will find the best prices on the market today. The choice is clear if you’re on the lookout for new lighting solutions!

Our site makes it easy to find whatever product you are looking for! Each and every product has been categorised by style and type and LED options, as well as accessories, are in categories of their own. If you happen to need help finding your lighting solution of choice, our friendly staff of customer service representatives will be more than happy to assist you.

We also offer a 30-day refund on all products and you can receive your orders within 2-3 business days. Amonson Lighting makes shopping quick and easy, shedding a light on why we’ve become Australia’s go-to destination for all lighting solutions. If you have questions regarding our products or need help finding exactly what you’re looking for, give us a call at 1300551595. We would be happy to assist you and our team is looking forward to helping you light up your spaces...Hide Content

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Bocci 14.1 Single Pendant Light Replica
$148.50 Ex Tax: $135.00
Classicon Selene Pendant Light Replica
Based on 1 reviews.
$141.90 Ex Tax: $129.00
Muuto E27 Pendant Light-Black Replica
$35.00 Ex Tax: $31.82
Muuto E27 Pendant Light-Yellow Replica
$38.50 Ex Tax: $35.00
Sphere Pendant Light-Bronze
$239.00 Ex Tax: $217.27
Sphere Pendant Light-Chrome
$239.00 Ex Tax: $217.27
Clear Glass Cloche Filament Pendant Light
$130.90 Ex Tax: $119.00
Wire Guard Industrial Pendant Lamp
Based on 1 reviews.
$148.50 Ex Tax: $135.00
Clear Glass Funnel Filament Pendant
Based on 1 reviews.
$130.90 Ex Tax: $119.00
Muuto Grain Pendant Lamp Replica
$108.90 Ex Tax: $99.00
Glass Barn Filament Pendant
$148.50 Ex Tax: $135.00
Deluxe Pendant
$247.50 Ex Tax: $225.00
Bocci 73 Random Pendant Light Replica
$564.30 Ex Tax: $513.00
Cast Pendant Light-Ball
$159.50 Ex Tax: $145.00
Cast Pendant Light-Mid
$159.50 Ex Tax: $145.00
Cast Pendant Light-Tall
$159.50 Ex Tax: $145.00
Cast Pendant Light-Wide
$163.90 Ex Tax: $149.00
Echinacea Pendant Light A
$163.90 Ex Tax: $149.00
Echinacea Pendant Light B
$163.90 Ex Tax: $149.00
Echinacea Pendant Light C
$163.90 Ex Tax: $149.00
Echinacea Pendant Light D
$163.90 Ex Tax: $149.00
Gloria Pendant Light C
$141.90 Ex Tax: $129.00
Titus Pendant Replica
$179.00 Ex Tax: $162.73
Barnard Pendant
$137.50 Ex Tax: $125.00
Cage Filament Pendant Aged Steel
$89.00 $44.50 Ex Tax: $40.45
Duck Pendant
$119.90 Ex Tax: $109.00
Fermetti Bulb Wood Pendant Replica-A
$145.00 Ex Tax: $131.82