Copper Pendant Lights

A very popular style of home interior design that has emerged in recent years is the “industrial” style. With this style, you can think of a combination of exposed brickwork and pipes, copper fittings, metal surfaces, wooden floors and other creative uses of wooden materials, metal stairways, grey, beige and other neutral shades, retro style appliances...Read More

This style particularly lends itself well to kitchen, dining and living room areas. It has an eclectic feel and adds a cosy, “lived in” feel to a room and can really complement an urban interior design theme. The combination of exposed brickwork, stainless steel surfaces and reclaimed wood really stands out and can help to maximise the appearance of space.

Copper pendant lighting is a very common popular choice for those looking to achieve an “industrial” style kitchen, dining room or living area. It offers a warm tone that mixes well with the combination of shades and hues in the room. Copper pendant lights are an especially great choice when designing a space with high ceilings. High ceilings can make a space seem like a sports stadium if the lighting is too close to the ceiling while lighting that hangs too low can make the ceiling seem even higher. Pendant lighting is the perfect happy medium for rooms with high ceilings, directing light up, down and out.

They are great for hanging above a kitchen worktop area, breakfast bar, dining room table or living room table. Generally speaking, the bigger the space, the greater the cluster of pendant lighting that you should hang. A copper pendant light or cluster of copper pendant lights not only complements the “industrial” theme, but they also add a real luxurious feel to a space.

At Amonson Lighting, we offer one of the finest and most expansive ranges of Copper Pendant Lights Australia has to offer. Want to add a cluster of copper pendant lights? The hand blown Void Mini Copper replica lights from designer Tom Dixon might suit your desired style. Want to complement a contemporary design? The Vernon Panton Flowerpot Pendant Copper Light is just what you’re after. Looking for something a little “out there” and unique? The PH Artichoke Copper Pendant lights are the perfect choice to add a “statement feature” to any room. Looking for copper lighting to hang above a dining area? The Copper Blow Light Replicas are a very popular choice, perfectly complementing contemporary and traditional interior design.

When it comes to achieving a winning interior design look, your choice of lighting is ever so important. The lighting is what offsets the theme or desired feel of the room so it requires considerable consideration. We also have a wide selection of concrete pendant lights and glass pendant lights. Whatever your lighting needs, Amonson Lighting is your specialist online provider of contemporary, modern and designer lighting. Our online lighting store offers the perfect blend of quality products, great prices and an extensive range of products to choose from. We’re your one stop online lighting shop...Hide Content

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