Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are always seen as the most crucial element in any interior design. They are functional, stylish and do not take up valuable ground space. Amonson Lighting provides you with vast collection of pendant lights, ranging from classic modern style to unique industrial loft style, from hard steel material to soft wooden finish.  Browse now to find the perfect pendant lights for you to add that final touch to any room. Whether standalone or to be used in multiples, Amonson Lighting has the perfect array of pendant lighting for any interior. >>Readmore

Suited best to centralise kitchens and bathrooms, pendant lights are integral to the world of interior design. Outdoor pendant lighting is also available for exterior savvy customers wishing to get optimum lighting for their property. The great thing about pendant lighting is that style does not suffer at the hands of function or vice versa- both are optimally present thanks to the stylish and logically sound function of the suspension all pendant lighting enable. From classic modern pendant lighting styles to the traditional and industrial loft style, from steel to wooden finishes, you are bound to find the style to suit your needs.

Depending on your choice, pendant lighting can create all sorts of lighting effects in addition to being an artistic centrepiece. Some create an all-over glow to your chosen area, others act as a spotlight for focus on those specifics you really want to highlight, such as kitchen pendant lights focused upon an island countertop, that well-earned framed degree or the dining room table. The pendant’s shade material, shape and size will determine the effect you get. For example, glass shades from industrial style to artistic flutes give ambient light, while metal restricts light in a specific linear shape. Regardless of what you’re aiming for, you can be sure pendant lighting has Australia more eco-friendly with Amonson Lighting’s array of LED bulbs to fit your choice of lighting.

Our price comparison function and wish list function make your shopping for pendant lighting on Amonson Lighting a simple task, assisted with the option of our live chat team for any queries you may have. Regardless of your choice, make sure to take a few things into consideration before purchasing your lighting. For example what kind of space do you have to work with? Pendants that generate strong lighting over a small area may not suit for example. Does the shade and design match the rest of your décor? For example, industrial style pendant lighting like our industrial iron pipe pendant straight row lighting may suit a business like a pub or restaurant but may look dingy in a minimalist style kitchen, whereas a chandelier may be the perfect addition to any foyer but may not suit a casual setting. Another thing to consider is how low you need your lighting and how many lights you need. The best solution for this would be to carry out measurements in the home to determine the perfect balance.

For second opinions and any other questions, feel free to contact Amonson Lighting by email, phone or post- all of which are in our contact section- or just pop a message to our live chat team. Free shipping within Melbourne metro applies to all orders over $100 and returns are easily accepted and arranged courtesy of our online team. No matter what the design, the query, or the function, you will find the perfect pendant lighting with Amonson Lighting.

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Classicon Selene Pendant Light Replica
Based on 1 reviews.
$129.00 Ex Tax: $117.27
Filament Pendant
$219.00 Ex Tax: $199.09
Lindsey Branching Chandelier-11 Replica
$1,875.00 Ex Tax: $1,704.55
Muuto E27 Pendant Light-Black Replica
$32.95 Ex Tax: $29.95
Muuto E27 Pendant Light-Yellow Replica
$32.95 Ex Tax: $29.95
Sphere 10 Pendant Light-Bronze
$595.00 Ex Tax: $540.91
Sphere 10 Pendant Light-Chrome
$595.00 Ex Tax: $540.91
Sphere Pendant Light-Bronze
$139.00 Ex Tax: $126.36
Sphere Pendant Light-Chrome
$139.00 Ex Tax: $126.36
Vintage Wire Steel Pendant Black
$229.00 Ex Tax: $208.18
Vintage Wire Steel Pendant Rustic
$229.00 Ex Tax: $208.18
Mega Bulb Pendant Light-Amber Replica
$159.00 Ex Tax: $144.55
Mega Bulb Pendant Light-Clear Replica
$159.00 Ex Tax: $144.55
Mega Bulb Pendant Light-Grey Replica
$109.00 Ex Tax: $99.09
Mega Bulb Pendant Light-White Replica
$159.00 Ex Tax: $144.55
Bird Glass Pendant
$119.00 Ex Tax: $108.18
Bocci 14.10 Ten Pendants Replica
$1,295.00 Ex Tax: $1,177.27
Clear Glass Cloche Filament Pendant Light
$119.00 Ex Tax: $108.18
Clear Glass Cloche Filament Pendant Light Large
$179.00 Ex Tax: $162.73
Disk Pendant
$145.00 Ex Tax: $131.82
Foucault's Rope Chandelier Replica
$325.00 Ex Tax: $295.45
George Nelson Bubble Cigar Lamp Replica
$325.00 Ex Tax: $295.45
George Nelson Bubble Pear Lamp Replica
$265.00 Ex Tax: $240.91
George Nelson Bubble Saucer Lamp 45CM Replica
$355.00 Ex Tax: $322.73
George Nelson Bubble Saucer Lamp 66CM Replica
$415.00 Ex Tax: $377.27
George Nelson Bubble Saucer Lamp 90CM Replica
$685.00 Ex Tax: $622.73
Glass Barn Filament Pendant
$135.00 Ex Tax: $122.73