Indoor Lighting

With lighting being the essential ingredient to interior design, it’s only natural that indoor lighting is the most essential umbrella choice of lighting. Whether you want to create space, create a spotlight, give a modern or traditional feel, give a personal home touch or a professional business statement, Amonson Lighting has the perfect choice of indoor lighting to suit your needs. >>Readmore

Buying indoor lights online is made so much easier with our site, where you can browse through all styles of indoor lighting, compare prices and even chat with our online team. It’s important to consider style, function and area when choosing your indoor lighting. For example, you may wish to consider our range of chandeliers as a welcoming first impression to brighten up and accentuate foyers and landings. You may wish to consider our industrial lighting for a more traditional or retro style feel, perhaps for the living room or dinning room. Pendant lighting is an essential addition to any kitchen, especially for centrepieces like islands. Furthermore, the choice of shade, size and shape must be considered to get the effect you wish to see. For example a wooden effect may suit calm surroundings but may clash with retro style pipe fittings or grandeur steel or dimante style fixtures and shades. The size and shape can determine what kind of effect you wish to get out of your room. For example, use spotlights to dramatise living room walls or artwork, or you can use a low hanging pendant lighting to give a warm ambient glow to your kitchen.

Floor lamps may be the touch you need if you wish to accentuate corners and table lamp onto a desk/table to provide focused light. Our economical LED lights section ensures whatever function, style, tone or value you go for can have an eco-friendly, budget friendly tone to your shop. Our indoor section is categorised by fitting and placement, meaning no hassle when worrying about what lighting will fit what fixtures. Our easy to read LED specifications are labelled in green so you know exactly the bulb to suit your purchase. To make things simpler still, you can avail of our live team chat services, compile a wish list, compare prices and register online to keep track of shipping, previous orders and previous viewings.

Melbourne is a city that prides itself upon modern and vintage design alike, and Amonson Lighting has taken that tone to lighting. Be it modern lighting, designer lighting or vintage/retro lighting, your choice of style will be sure to match your function. Interior lighting is important not just for the home but for businesses, bars, restaurants, and everything in between. Not only can they create the perfect atmosphere and give a certain stylistic impression, they are also an integral aspect of safety. For all lighting and shopping related queries, make sure to get in contact with our live team who will go through any questions you may have. Enjoy adding that extra bit of light to your life while shopping with Amonson Lighting.

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Bocci 14.1 Single Pendant Light Replica
$148.50 Ex Tax: $135.00
Bocci 14.1 Wall Sconce Wall light Replica
$148.50 Ex Tax: $135.00
Bocci 14.10 Ten Pendants Replica
$1,424.50 Ex Tax: $1,295.00
Bocci 14.26 Pendants Replica
$3,848.90 Ex Tax: $3,499.00
Bocci 14.3 Three Pendants Replica
$434.50 Ex Tax: $395.00
Bocci 14.5 Five Pendants Replica
$819.50 Ex Tax: $745.00
Classicon Selene Pendant Light Replica
Based on 1 reviews.
$141.90 Ex Tax: $129.00
Equatore Floor Lamp Replica
$449.90 Ex Tax: $409.00
Equatore Pendant Light Replica
$438.90 Ex Tax: $399.00
Equatore Table Lamp Replica
$361.90 Ex Tax: $329.00
Filament Pendant
$240.90 Ex Tax: $219.00
Leclerc Sconce Medium Replica
$275.00 Ex Tax: $250.00
Sphere Pendant Light-Bronze
$239.00 Ex Tax: $217.27
Sphere Pendant Light-Chrome
$239.00 Ex Tax: $217.27
Vintage Wire Steel Pendant Black
$251.90 Ex Tax: $229.00
Vintage Wire Steel Pendant Rustic
$251.90 Ex Tax: $229.00
Mega Bulb Pendant Light-Amber Replica
$174.90 Ex Tax: $159.00
Bird Glass Pendant
$130.90 Ex Tax: $119.00
Clear Glass Cloche Filament Pendant Light
$130.90 Ex Tax: $119.00
Clear Glass Cloche Filament Pendant Light Large
$196.90 Ex Tax: $179.00
Disk Pendant Light
$159.50 Ex Tax: $145.00
Foucault's Rope Chandelier Replica
$357.50 Ex Tax: $325.00
George Nelson Ball Wall Light Replica
$462.00 Ex Tax: $420.00
George Nelson Bubble Cigar Lamp Replica
$357.50 Ex Tax: $325.00