Retro/Industrial Lighting

If you have been admiring those urban lofts and barn transformations in your cutting-edge interiors magazine, take a look at Amonson’s industrial, retro and vintage lighting. Our industrial and retro collection cherish a design age that dedicated to manufacturing, mechanical creativity and appreciating raw and functional interiors. Use Amonson’s industrial pendants, table lamps, floor lamps as a gorgeous way to bring that vintage/ retro spirit into your home.

Lots of people have redecorated their homes before. Lots of people have put a fresh spin on an old room. Lots of people may think that they have a good eye for design. But you don’t want to be lots of people. You know better. You want your new space to really stand out. >>Readmore

Whatever you’re trying to achieve, these days everybody knows how important a role light plays in design. Depending on your chosen space you could have any number of different lighting needs. Maybe you just need to light a desk where you work. You could do that with anything from a simple lamp to industrial pendant lights. Or perhaps you’re looking at redoing an entire home or office. In that case you’ll have a lot to think about.

Light is so important because it shapes everything around it. As silence can be just as important as the music that surrounds it, so shadow is equally as important as the light that creates it. The contrast between light and dark and the shapes that this contrast creates can help to emphasise certain areas of your space, or maybe help to conceal areas that you’re not completely happy with.

When designing the interior of a room, you should always consider the impact that lighting will have. Perhaps you have a kitchen, bar, or dining area to decorate. You’ll need fixtures that give maximum light, whilst ensuring that they don’t detract from the atmosphere you’re trying to create. If you’re really ambitious, maybe you’re going for a living area that you can show off to your friends. You’re cultivating a particular idea in your head and whether or not you’ve started to design the rest of the space, you can be sure that lighting will be crucial to its success.

If you’re working with a clean, minimalist space, you’ll likely want some modern lighting. For outdoor spaces there are a totally different set of requirements and rules. However, if you’re looking at an urban loft or barn transformation, industrial lighting is paramount. You want something that compliments the character of your space. But it’s hard to find exactly what you need, that can fit in with your plans. You’re starting to wonder if and where you can get the best kind of industrial lights online.

Amonson Lighting are based in Melbourne, a city that embraces design innovation. Whatever your needs, we’ve got the right lighting for you. Our industrial lights collection includes all kinds of different designs which evoke memories of a bygone age where function was just as important as form. A time when mechanical creativity was everywhere and the manufacturing industry was at its peak.

Maybe you are only concerned with lighting a desk in the corner of the room. We have a range of lamps in rustic and retro styles to fit that. Perhaps you have a larger area that would benefit from some industrial pendant lighting. No problem. Amonson Lighting have something to fit your style.

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Filament Pendant
$240.90 Ex Tax: $219.00
Vintage Wire Steel Pendant Black
$251.90 Ex Tax: $229.00
Vintage Wire Steel Pendant Rustic
$251.90 Ex Tax: $229.00
Clear Glass Cloche Filament Pendant Light
$130.90 Ex Tax: $119.00
Clear Glass Cloche Filament Pendant Light Large
$196.90 Ex Tax: $179.00
Foucault's Rope Chandelier Replica
$357.50 Ex Tax: $325.00
Wire Guard Industrial Pendant Lamp
Based on 1 reviews.
$148.50 Ex Tax: $135.00
10 Heads Thomas Edison Bulb Chandelier Pendant Light Replica
$269.50 Ex Tax: $245.00
14 Heads Thomas Edison Bulb Chandelier Pendant Light Replica
$368.50 Ex Tax: $335.00
8 Heads Thomas Edison Bulb Chandelier Pendant Light Replica
$225.50 Ex Tax: $205.00
Antler Resin Chandelier
$1,120.00 Ex Tax: $1,018.18
Clear Glass Funnel Filament Pendant
Based on 1 reviews.
$130.90 Ex Tax: $119.00
Industrial Iron Pipe Pendant Lamp Straight Row
Based on 1 reviews.
$368.50 Ex Tax: $335.00
Vintage Factory Filament Glass Barn Pendant Light
$148.50 Ex Tax: $135.00
Edison Caged Sconce
$141.90 Ex Tax: $129.00
Rustic Glass Pendant Light Large
$315.00 Ex Tax: $286.36
Altar Round Candle Chandelier-15 Head
$795.00 $675.75 Ex Tax: $614.32
Altar Round Candle Chandelier-9 Head
$545.00 $463.25 Ex Tax: $421.14
Angle Sconce Wall Light
$137.50 Ex Tax: $125.00
Barnard Wall Sconce
$137.50 Ex Tax: $125.00
Cage Filament Wall Light Aged Steel
$115.50 Ex Tax: $105.00
Calhoun Glass Pendant
$137.50 Ex Tax: $125.00
Camino Round Chandelier
$729.00 Ex Tax: $662.73
Camino Round Chandelier Large
$899.00 Ex Tax: $817.27
Cast Pendant Light-Ball
$159.50 Ex Tax: $145.00
Cast Pendant Light-Mid
$159.50 Ex Tax: $145.00